Why the BatBob Pro?

Customized BatBob Pros


Here at BatBob, we are very proud of the work and hours we put in. It wouldn’t be appropriate to have a blog if we can’t brag about our own products every now and then. Also, what better way to give information on our products than to speak about how we truly feel about them?

So, why should you buy a BatBob Pro?

What its used for

The BatBob Pro is the perfect dugout organizer for all your baseball or softball equipment. It allows you to hang your bat, glove, and helmet all in one place right on the dugout fence. We understand that dugouts can get messy real quick, especially with kids. Bats get knocked around and scratched on the ground, helmets and gloves take up bench space, which should be used for resting, and finding your gear can get troublesome.


The BatBob Pro is light and small, so it can easily be traveled from game to game with. In fact, it’s so small that it can even fit in your pocket, meaning it won’t take up much space in your baseball or softball bag.

It attaches to any chain link fence. Many chain link fences at baseball and softball fields are distorted and caved in due to the constant pounding of baseballs and softballs hitting them. This is where our competitors fail. If a fence is distorted, our competitor’s dugout organizers won’t hang properly. The BatBob Pro simply clips on, meaning no matter how distorted the fence may be, it will always hold firmly and easily on the fence.

You can distinguish your team’s BatBob Pro by either choosing between our 8 different color selections or by adding a customized Mini Jersey over the top of your BatBob Pro. This will keep your team organized and aware of who’s gear is who’s.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly; it’s cheap! Compared to our competitors, the BatBob Pro is as cheap as they come without giving up any quality or performance. You shouldn’t have to pay more than $20 just to hang up your gear, and that’s why the BatBob Pro is the best option. On top of that, any orders in the USA include free shipping!

So get your BatBob Pro today along with a customizable Mini Jersey today!

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