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We’ve all walked past trophy cases, whether at a high school or university, or in the hall outside a church gym. The naked eye is pulled towards the tall gold trophies first but then wanders

The average professional baseball game takes four and a half hours to play. You might be shocked to learn however that a normal game of four and a half hours is stripped down to 18 minutes of true action.

It’s no secret: Baseball players are the most superstitious athletes of any professional sport. How a self-fulfilling prophecy is a prophecy none-the-less Sammy Sosa sported the same pair of worn-out socks one homerun-filled September.


Here at BatBob, we are very proud of the work and hours we put in. It wouldn’t be appropriate to have a blog if we can’t brag about our own products every now and then. Also, what better why to give information on our products than to speak a...

Vlogs, which is short for video blogs, have become popularized over the past ten years with the explosion of video platforms such as YouTube. Families and friends have come together to share their daily lives, sometimes reaching millions of viewers. It gives people the freedom to talk about anything and express themselves in ways like never