Our History

The company started in 1989 as Sportwaves Unlimited with a dedication to manufacturing athletic bags. We found success making custom team bags for schools and clubs. One of the bigger markets was Baseball and Softball, as they play year round and need high quality equipment. As we grew, we have been working with travel ball teams fine tuning our products.

Our bat bags having compartments (shelf) for helmets, a ventilating shoe pocket, and a padded bat compartment. When we added wheels, they really started jumping out the door, fully customized for teams. We also have a great back pack called the Renegade that many teams enjoy.

In the mid-2000’s, Herb Riehl became aware that many teams have a need to keep their equipment under control inside the dugout -- helmets and bats were lying everywhere. Development began to make the perfect organizer from long cords that would hold bats for the whole team, and BatBob Pros that fit all the equipment that a player uses. What we originally developed were small, and quick devices: The Bat Bob and the Helmet Bob.

After development of the BatBob, we needed a way to customize them for teams. The T-Shirt Bob was quickly born. It adds a second level of organization, and brings it to life. 

However, we believe that players and teams should be able to hang more than just their bats. So we created the BatBob Pro, which has the same function of the BatBob with the added ability to hang your gloves and helmets at the same time!

BatBob.com wants to reach everyone who loves to get out in the sun and play ball, offering cool and innovative products that live up to the Sportwaves name. We pride ourselves in our personalized touch and taking care of our customers.