Sportwaves Fundraising Partner Program

If you're looking for an easy way to help raise funds for your organization, consider becoming a Sportwaves Fundraising Partner today.  It's FREE, and you can opt out any time.  Perfect for:

  • Booster Clubs
  • Sports Team Fundraisers
  • Non-profit Organizations


Get started in 3 easy steps:

  1. Sign up. Once approved, we'll send you a unique Sportwaves Partner Code.

  2. Share links with your organization, friends and family.

  3. When anyone uses that link, your organization gets a percentage!

The more you sell, the more you make for your organization! Here are some easy ways to start sharing your Sportwaves Partner Code, and start raising funds:

  • Your Team, Club, or Org Website
  • Email & Newsletters & Blogposts
  • Social Media (Instagram, TikTok, etc)

Make it go VIRAL, highlighting Sportwaves products such as Team Bags, Handwarmers, Flag Bags, Organizers and more! Cash payouts are made directly to your organization once a $100 minimum is reached. 

Sign up here: