Printing Process

Starting with a full color computer graphic (logo), we can apply just about any logo to the Mini Jersey, in full color. Our printing process allows us to dye Mini Jerseys to just about any color design, and digitally include individual player names and numbers, or nicknames. In short, each Mini Jersey is able to be personalized. Or, all the shirts can have matching logos, such as for a tournament or branded sponsor.

Due to the small size of the printed object, some art needs to be modified to show up correctly. Some extra fine detail might not show up.

  • Skinny and small fonts should be enlarged so that they and be read.
  • Gradients and slight color changes are sometimes unnoticeable due to the small size.

Printing flexibility

When we make Mini Jerseys we are starting with a blank slate. We can work with you to create new Mini Jersey design patterns, help design your custom logos and can even add player names and numbers on the backs and fronts.

Print Quality

The printing process produces strong and durable graphics on the Mini Jersey. It lasts well in the sun, wash, or in the trophy case and we know that they will look great all season!