Dugout Organizer

Every baseball or softball player knows that dugouts can get messy. Too much time is needed for focusing on the game rather than where equipment goes in the dugout. This leads to bats rolling around and getting scratched on the dugout floor while helmets and gloves fill up space on the bench. Dugouts become a coach’s nightmare as players scramble to find their equipment when they’re up to bat or have to take their positions on the field.


That is why we wanted to create the perfect dugout organizer to help keep teams focused on what’s important; the game! We didn’t master our dugout organizer immediately. In fact, we first came out with multiple products that served different functions for different equipment. This included the original Bat Bob, which featured the single bungee loop to exclusively hang bats on the dugout fence. We also had the Helmet Bob, which had a single hook to hang your helmet. But why have multiple products when you can have it all in one? And so, we invented the Dugout Gear Hanger.

Dugout Organizer Bat Bob                          Dugout Organizer Helmet Bob


The Dugout Gear Hanger is our all in one dugout organizer. It features the bungee loop from the Bat Bob to hang your bats and two hooks from the Helmet Bob to hang your helmet and glove. This dugout organizer can easily be clipped onto any dugout fence and is small enough to be conveniently carried in a pocket or placed in a backpack.

Dugout Organizer - Dugout Gear Hanger

Keeping dugouts organized is not only important to protect your expensive equipment and being prepared to play, but also to keep dugouts safe. Lets keep it that way with our dugout organizer!


Get your dugout organizer and keep your dugout organized with the Dugout Gear Hanger.