Custom Hand Warmer For Golf
Custom Hand Warmer For Golf
Custom Hand Warmer For Golf
Custom Hand Warmer For Golf
Custom Hand Warmer For Golf
Custom Hand Warmer For Golf
Custom Hand Warmer For Golf

Custom Hand Warmer For Golf

AS Low as $29.95 each | NO MINIMUM ORDER

Sportwaves® Custom Golf Hand Warmer provides excellent exposure and branding power for teams and sponsors, while keeping golfer's hands warm & flexible during play – No matter what the weather, Sportwaves keeps you out on the course!

Choose your base color, then add your logo or mascot to our triple-insulated hand warmer to get high-impact exposure for your golf tournaments, golf teams, golf leagues & sponsors.

Ideal for Golf Teams, Tournaments & Leagues

  • CUSTOMIZABLE - Add your logo or mascot for tournaments, teams & leagues
  • COZY WARM - Triple-layer insulation Sports Fleece for warmth
  • STAY DRY - Poly600 shell protects your hands from rain, wind, sleet & snow
  • FITS EVERYONE - Youth & adult size warmers ensure everyone has a good fit
  • ADD EXTRA HEAT - Built-in pockets for hand warmer packets
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & LOW PROFILE - Won't get in your way during competition
  • Customize With Your Logo & Graphics
  • Turnaround: Ships in 10 Days
  • Quantity Discount
  • No Minimum Order
  • Adult & Youth Sizes
  • BUY DIRECT From the Manufacturer and SAVE $$$
  • Made in USA by Sportwaves®

Most photos you see of golf tournaments show sunny conditions and clear skies, but avid golfers know that in reality, bad weather is common!

Competitive and recreational golfers alike play through sub-50 degree weather often – sometimes accompanied by rain, sleet and snow flurries.

Not only will our Sportwaves Golf Hand Warmer keep your hands warm, dry and comfortable during bad weather, but it just may be your secret weapon, to give you a MAJOR ADVANTAGE out on the golf course by maintaining your hand flexibility, finger dexterity and grip.

Our hand warmers provide ultimate protection from wind, rain & cold to keep you calm, focused and in control of your game, no matter what the weather.

This hand warmer isn't just for avid golfers wanting to extend their season.

If you play in the Spring, Fall or Winter, a Sportwaves Hand Warmer For Golf is an often overlooked MUST-HAVE to enjoy the game, keep focus, and maintain a competitive edge.

During fall and spring throughout the United States, temperatures often drop well below 55 degrees. If hands are exposed for even one hour at 55 degrees, they lose flexibility, dexterity, sensitivity, grip & strength–all key factors to playing a better round of golf. Gloves help, but there's no more effective way to combat the elements and up your game than a high-quality Hand Warmer For Golf, manufactured here in the USA by Sportwaves®

FUN FACT: Our hand warmer is a common purchase by golf teams south of the Mason-Dixon Line, with early morning practices, to keep team players' hands loose and flexible, and get the most out of hard-to-schedule practice times!

Click the CUSTOMIZE IT button to use our Online Customizer to design with choice of background colors, then add your own logo, mascot and sponsor graphics.

Step 1: Choose Size
Select either Adult or Youth.

Step 2: Choose Background
Choose Color Background to select from one of our Classic Colors. Note: For a full selection of virtually unlimited background colors, check out our Custom Premium Hand Warmer For Golf.

  • PNG or JPEG format
  • Use PNG for transparent background, or we will remove white background before production if you use a JPEG
  • Use PNG or JPEG for photos
  • 13" wide by 9 1/2" high
    (3900 by 2850 pixels)
  • Bleed: The above dimension includes 1/2" bleed on all sides, to account for cutting and sewing.
  • We suggest a white or light colored 10px outline for color art, to help image stand out from dark fabric material

Step 3: Choose Logo or Text
Once you've got your background color selected, choose either Logo or Text to add your artwork, or up to 3 lines of text.

For Logo, create your artwork in JPEG or PNG format (use Canva Photoshop, etc) and upload.

  • Flat art, pattern or photos
  • PNG or JPEG format
  • Min 1000 by 1000 pixels
  • Max 3300 x 1800 pixels
    (11"W by 6"H)
  • Note: On the Custom Hand Warmer, maximum artwork size is 11" wide by 6" high, leaving a 1/2" margin from top, bottom and side edges of the fabric
  • We suggest a white or light colored 10px outline for color art, to help image stand out from dark fabric material

For Text, choose the font and text color of your choice, and re-size the font if needed.

If you want more than three lines, or you need to match a particular font, it's best to create that in the app of your choice (eg Canva, Photoshop, etc) and upload it as graphic.


Do you accept Vector format?
Yes! The Online Customizer does not currently accept Vector format, but you can bypass this, and email it to and we'll be in contact with you to send you a proof.

Need help with artwork? Contact us at for assistance, or to create it for you!

Do you want to print edge-to-edge with no margin or do you want a specific background color other than classic navy, green or black? Then check out the Custom Premium Hand Warmer For Golf!

Need help with your artwork? Contact us at

Need design help on your Hand Warmer For Golf? We're here to help you create a beautiful custom design everyone will love!

For help, contact us at

Which Golf Hand Warmer Is Right For You?

The Custom Hand Warmer For Golf is a unique gift to hand out to all players at your golf tournaments, charitable golf outings & golf events, no matter what climate you're in. It's an ideal event souvenir players will keep for years, and sponsors will love!

Warm, dry, comfortable hands is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to maintain a competitive edge during play – give them a unique gift to help them maintain that edge during bad weather.

Event Sponsors love its high-impact branding. Customizable front & back, there's great fundraising potential to generate new sponsorship income on the front & back.

The Sportwaves Hand Warmer For Golf is perfect for teams and leagues to keep a competitive edge, no matter what size your team or league.

  • Collegiate Golf Teams
  • High School Golf Teams
  • Recreational Golf Leagues
  • Junior Golf

NO MINIMUM ORDER and QUANTITY DISCOUNTS makes it fast and affordable for all golfers and personnel to have one, keeping hands warm no matter what the weather – players, coaches, staff and officiating crews.

Lightweight (just 9 ounces) and low-profile, our Hand Warmer can be worn on the front or back of hips. You'll hardly know it's there!

The Custom Hand Warmer For Golf comes in three classic colors – Navy, Black and Green. It's great for athletes and golf fans alike, an affordable option for teams and leagues.

Want to match your team uniform's colors, corporate colors, or add a custom background, pattern or photo of your team or clubhouse? Check out our Custom Premium Hand Warmer For Golf, all proudly Made in the USA by Sportwaves® at our workshop in Lafayette, Colorado (since 1989).

Sponsors can gain prestige, build brand awareness and drive home their marketing message among influential decision-makers in the golf community.

The Custom Hand Warmer For Golf will represent their brand well. Made in the USA with high-grade components, it's built to last as a keepsake people will cherish for years. 

The front of the Hand Warmer is fully customizable. Plus, you can enclose promotions, gift cards and other messaging inside, for additional branding.

Questions? Contact us today at (303) 665-4122.

Yes, if you contact us before we've fulfilled your order. To change or remove items from your order, email us at Include your name, order number and your change requests.

Yes. Click on CUSTOMIZE IT BUTTON to add your artwork in in full color, using JPEG or PNG format images. You can also use our Customizer to add text to the design. OR if you prefer not to use the online Customizer, you can email your artwork to 

The Customized Golf Valuables Bag ships direct from our workshop in 8 business days.

We ship using USPS First Class (4-5 business days) or Priority (2-3 business days). 

Yes, shipping on Customized Golf Valuables Bags is FREE.

We offer quantity discounts, with price breaks for as few as 8, and as many as 150+ bags.

It's perfect for golf teams big and small. Buy as few as 8 for your entire golf team for high school golf team, college golf team, organized golf team or recreational golf team. Print your logo in color on the front, and the names of your team members on the back. Don't forget the names of your coaches and assistants, too!


Yes! Your company logo on a Golf Valuables Bag will look great, and send a message of prestige and success to all who see it!  

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