BatBob - Dugout Gear Hanger and Mini Jerseys

Welcome to BatBob! 

Our mission is to relieve the mess in Baseball and Softball dugouts. We want players to be safe from loose equipment in the dugout so they can focus on the game. The Dugout Gear Hanger is the perfect tool to hang your bats, gloves, and helmets conveniently on any chain link fence. The Dugout Gear Hanger can be carried anywhere, is light and compact, and will even fit in your pocket.

Customize your Dugout Gear Hanger with BatBob's Mini Jerseys! We have a collection of pre-made designs that will attach to the top of your Dugout Gear Hanger to give you that extra flair. You can customize your own Mini Jersey with your team's color, logo, and even your own number!

Want a Mini Jersey to put somewhere other than on your Dugout Gear Hanger? Check out the Keychain Jersey and attach it to your sport bag or anywhere else you'd like!