Three Baseball Vlogs to Checkout

Three Baseball Vlogs to Checkout

What is a vlog?

Vlogs, which is short for video blogs, have become popularized over the past ten years with the explosion of video platforms such as YouTube. Families and friends have come together to share their daily lives, sometimes reaching millions of viewers. It gives people the freedom to talk about anything and express themselves in ways like never before. Vlogs give viewers the experience of following and enjoying other’s lives through entertainment. However, with so many people vlogging nowadays, it can be difficult and overwhelming to find vloggers that match your interests, lifestyle, and expectations. So we created a short list of some vloggers we think you might find entertaining based on your interest with Bat Bob!


The Butcher Boyz Rule


Youtube: Buthcer Boyz Rule


Subcribers: 21,388

Number of videos: 104

Total video views: 7,578,385


If you don’t see the Butcher boys playing hockey in the rink, you can make a safe bet that they’re probably outside playing some baseball. This energetic family of four takes you through their obsession with baseball and hockey 3-4 times a week. You get to follow their usual crazy antics and watch as their family grows. If you have a child that loves baseball or hockey, their videos present a multitude of fun ideas and activities for you to try. From underwater baseball to driveway goalie challenges, the fun is endless.


Erik TV 365

ErikTV365 New Videos Everyday 

Youtube: ErikTV365

Subscribers: 28,541

Number of videos: 2,612

Total video views: 9,939,262


Erik is a cancer survivor who is dedicated to spreading happiness through their family’s daily vlogs. They have been vlogging for over 2,000 days and upload a video basically everyday. Their two boys Xander and Jakhob love playing baseball and they frequently vlog about their games. If they’re not playing baseball, they’re usually always up to some other new and fun activity. Also, they love doing challenges send one over to them!

Bevo Adventures 

The Bevos

Youtube: TheBevos

Subscribers: 142,594

Number of videos: 279

Total video views: 31,995,099


The Bevo family loves spending time beating the Arizona heat. Like the previous YouTube bloggers, they’re baseball lovers and frequently share their son’s baseball games and tournaments. The Bevos are avid sport lovers and enjoy spending as much time as they can outdoors. They post new videos every Wednesday and Saturday so you always know when their newest video will show up in your subscription box. The family is easy to fall in love with and provide countless hours of entertainment.


What Are Your Thoughts?


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