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“Winners play for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back.” –Anonymous

We’ve all walked past trophy cases, whether at a high school or university or in the hall outside a church gym. The naked eye is pulled towards the tall gold trophies first but then wanders to the name on the back of the old jersey hanging in the background. While the uniform may sport a faded tint of its team's colors, it is much more symbolic than the trophy, and with countless memories attached.

A player's jersey is not only a better representation of accomplishment for both the player and the team but it also quickly conjures up memories of athletic feats that the player reached, like a diving catch or a game-winning play. 


In baseball, Hall-of-Famer Cal Ripken Jr.’s  #8 jersey for the Baltimore Orioles has become one of the club's most treasured possessions.  Although Cal Ripken Jr. was a two-time MVP and regular at the All-Star games, he is most recognized for holding the seemingly untouchable record of 2,632 consecutive games played, followed closely by fellow Hall-of-Famer and baseball legend, Lou Gehrig.

It is no small feat for an organization to pluck out a player's jersey and exclude that number indefinitely. But when a player holds a record so lofty that it’s seen as unattainable, the club is sure to retire the player’s uniform and number out of respect for his steadfast dedication and esteemed standing in the sport.  

This is a long-standing tradition in other sports as well. Everyone will agree no one should wear number 23 for the Chicago Bulls.

Cal Ripken Jr. and Lou Gehrig seem to have carved out a standing in a category of their own. Although both launched plenty of fastballs over the fence, it is their persistent dedication that most distinguishes them in Cooperstown.

Young children need jerseys mostly to differentiate their team from the other mob of four-year-olds. The higher up in sports you go, the more sacred your jersey and number become. Some Little League players choose the same number as one of their favorite professional players. Other kids will choose the same number their dad or granddad used.

Custom Mini Jersey for the BatBob Pro

BatBob.com offers the ability to design your own Mini Jersey. The Mini Jersey can be completely customized with different colors, logo placement, player names, and preferred number.  The Mini Jersey slips onto the BatBob Pro.

Coaching a season in Little League is always memorable and rewarding. Make this season the one you always remember because of the Mini Jerseys you designed!

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