Bring The Bobs Back

Bring The Bobs Back

Just a few weeks ago MLB released a story that caught our eye, “Where did all the Bobs in baseball go?” As true baseball fans know, the Bobs of baseball made history. We’re talking Hall of Famers like Bob Lemon, Bob Gibson, and of course Bob Feller.

But what makes the Bobs so great?

They gave it all they got.


  1. Bob Lemon

Bob Lemon is second on the all-time list for pitchers with 37 home runs during his career.


  1. Bob Gibson

Gibson spent 17 years with the Cardinals and netted 251 wins, 3,117 strikeouts, 56 shutouts, and an ERA of 2.91


  1. Bob Feller


Bob Feller set the modern strikeout record with 18 strikeouts in one game and 248 for the season.


But the list of Bobs doesn’t stop there.

It’s undeniable that Bobs represent some of the true icons of American baseball. We’re talking the all-star record setters, the players who dedicate themselves to each game and every practice, who aim for perfection and strive for greatness. At BatBob, we recognize the importance of the Bobs. To honor their legacy, we say not only “Bring the Bobs back!” but also “Buy a BatBob Pro!” and #PlayLikeAPro.

Channel your inner Bob, on and off the field, give everything you’ve got.

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